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When Susan Orlean Liked My Tweet

Two people with their faces hidden by vinyl records
Hide from the Celebrity Author Tweet

When one of my favorite authors, Susan Orlean, liked my tweet last weekend I became overwhelmed. My housemate laughed at me a little as I paced and hid my phone. It took three days for me to look at the tweet again. Cheap thrills, I know.

TWEET TEXT: Part One: "Explaining @susanorlean book 'The Orchid Thief' and @charliekaufman movie 'Adaptation' to my 8yo and the kid came up with 'Adaptation 2.' Told from the p.o.v. of author and orchid thief while they were just getting down to business with Orchid cloning." Part Two: "My idea was different. In my 'Adaptation 2' they never tried to kill Charlie. He goes back to LA with his brother and writes a different movie. Susie and John start their FL lives together and a kooky business. It's a comedic romance of opposites attract."

Should I start a screenplay? Dreaming of grandeur. What do you do when you interact with a well-known personality you admire?

♡ Kate

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