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My Workshop "Spiritual Hygiene & Protection for Everyone"

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

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Workshop Description

It’s never too late to cleanse and protect yourself, your family, or your place. Are you new to the concept? We will cover the basics. Are you a seasoned witch/spiritual/psychic worker? Come get some more tools. Perhaps you investigate the paranormal? Even if you don’t “believe” in some of the concepts, basic psychology and the power of suggestion are powerful (and you most certainly need boundaries to not bring things home). BOUNDARIES: opening and closing when working with spirit, how to assert your will, and how to build protection CLEANSING: how to remove traces of unwanted energy using baths, tools, and mental conjuring SHIELDING: using the above and adding force of spirit guides/ancestors to stand strong REMOVAL: cutting ties, how to investigate deeper attachments, and where to go from there

We will also start with a guided meditation to provide protection for the whole class!


Class attendees will leave having completed a cleansing mediation, and a visualization activity, and received the basics of boundaries, cleansing, shielding, and removal. The class will wrap up with suggested reading and resources and a chance to win a tarot reading with Kate Deeks.


Kate Deeks is a third-generation diviner who uses family methods such as tarot reading and clairsentience. She has a special interest in researching all esoteric fields, a practice that began at age 8. Pleasures include vampire and ghost shows and making art. Deeks is local to the North Coast, but has lived all over Oregon, California, and Tennessee and has traveled as far as New Jersey in pursuit of learning in the field. She has protected and nurtured her daughter’s abilities since birth, including when she was plagued by orbs at age 5. Her familiars include a wild greenspace, 15yo black cat, a female orange tabby, and a gremlin (Chihuahua-Pomeranian “dog”). For more,


Past attendee and student at the Oregon Ghost Conference. Completed the advanced level of Tarot School presented by Psychic Siamese Terror at Chariot in Astoria. Presented workshop “Tarot Cards as Writing Prompts” through the Writer’s Guild of Astoria, Oregon. Completed week-long outdoor courses “Philosophy 1” and “Standard” at the Tracker School. B.S. in Sociology from UO, with recent additional coursework in psychology.

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