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I want a Honduran Granita

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

I was driving to work early and sipping my hot café au lait when another coffee drink popped into my head; the Granita. A Granita is a mix of coffee, milk, and a lot of sugar, all blended together into something like a Starbucks Frappuccino®, but not that. The granules of ice in a Granita are large, but not too large, so the mixture is thick and grainy in a very pleasing way.

A Granita in the cold January sun sounded good.

A Granita in the hot Honduran summer sun was divine.

While in Honduras for a family wedding, we visited Espresso Americano several times. It felt great to drive in a car full of too many young people to the drive-through coffee place, just like at home in Oregon. Only this time, half the car spoke only Spanish, and half spoke English and Spanish, or just English. On the way to and from Espresso Americano we listened to music, laughed about dumb stuff, and either anticipated the sugar & caffeine rush or were louder from it.

This trip was my first outside the US and my 22-year-old self was eager to experience anything. During the Honduran trip it was strange to not be allowed to spend money or really make choices about my day due to cultural differences and safety concerns. The strangeness evaporated while going out for a Granita.

♡ Kate

Photo Credit: Kaozz B.

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