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A Yoga Mat Saga- from Ragged to Resplendent

Person holding yoga mat on the beach

I believe in "moderation in all things." I also believe in splurging on items you use regularly that will last and give you joy with each use.

I do yoga every day and recently discovered I had a self-esteem issue when it came to my yoga mat. I used a ragged bargain-quality mat for almost ten years, and thought "yuck" every time I used it. Why? Either an excess of frugality or I didn't believe I deserved a better mat.

One thing I liked about the old mat was the color: neon spring green. The green went well with the purple sling I crocheted for it out of yarn from the '70s. It had no pattern, no features. The old yoga mat was like most cheap mats; made of a polymer, rather thin, and with the lines of bubble texture. I purchased it to use with my Wii Fit in 2009. It took two days for my cats to discover the pleasure of sinking their claws into the mat and tearing micro-holes in it. I spent the next ten years chasing cats away from my mat and using the clawed surface. At least it was evenly shredded on both sides.

I intended to take a picture of the green mat before donating it to the local thrift store, but I didn't. Saying goodbye (Marie Kondo style) was easy. I was waiting for delivery of my new mat.

As a writing consultant, it has been my pleasure to work with all kinds of people. I happened meet someone to run a yoga mat company which is "committed to keeping our products 100% natural and respecting where they come from." Curious, I ordered a mat made of cork.

It came last week and I fell in love. My new mat is beautiful to look at, feels amazing, and exudes good vibes. My friend Angela, a former yoga instructor, was also impressed. I knew it was a fave when I barely wanted to share it with her. But she got a turn of course.

♡ Kate

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